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Our Core Values

With our strong attention to detail, we offer quality, for an exceptional value - so that you can experience a new kind of clean, that goes on behind the scenes

  • Quality

    We offer top quality services, delivering what we promise that goes beyond what is expected.

  • Value

    We value your feedback and provide services at the most affordable prices.

  • Clean

    We want you to experience a fresh and new kind of cleaning experience.

Janitorial Services & Professional Cleaning Services Vancouver, BC

Our Story

BTS Building Maintenance cleans up, behind the scenes, so that you don't have to! We are a professional janitorial service provider that's here to help your business shine. We offer top quality commercial cleaning services, and can ensure our commitment to being the best cleaning team you can find. Each member of our carefully selected team is professionally trained with the know-how to make your business look the best, ever! We are committed to using the latest in green cleaning technology, and practice our strong attention to detail when it comes to cleaning. Our number one priority is your happiness and it is also the secret to our success! We offer quality, affordable commercial office cleaning and commercial cleaning services in the greater Vancouver area. With us working behind the scenes, you can relax knowing that your office, retail space, or restaurant, has been cleaned properly and thoroughly with the latest in green cleaning methods. Our team of cleaning experts use only the best in new cleaning technology that will neither be toxic to you, your employees, or your most important guests. Our methods of cleaning are more environmentally friendly, and delicate on your surfaces too. For all of your commercial cleaning service needs, choose BTS today! With BTS Building Maintenance, you can truly experience a fresh and new kind of cleaning experience, without any idea we were even there. That's why we call it "Behind the Scenes"!


Our trusted team of cleaning experts are reliable and always professional.

Green Cleaning Services

We use only the latest in green cleaning technology, and will keep your space clean and as non-toxic as possible.

Office Cleaning Services Vancouver

Tailored services that meet your individual needs through a customized plan.


We offer the most affordable rates in the Greater Vancouver Area. Simply contact us today for a complimentary quote!

Why Choose Us


We offer the best prices for top quality cleaning services.


We offer the latest in green cleaning technology


Our trusted team of cleaning experts are reliable and always professional.


We organize cleaning services around your schedule, all behind the scenes.


Rest assured that our dedicated cleaning team will take care of cleaning your space the most efficiently.


As our client, your confidence is our priority. We always look forward to receiving feedback from you.

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Our team of professionals work together to provide a friendly and Janitorial Services Vancouver & Professional Cleaning Service which fits your exact needs, all behind the scenes.