Bts Building Maintenance

Quality and Control

Quality Control is our #1 focus. We take the necessary steps, and aren't afraid to go the extra mile to ensure your facility looks great and is sparkling clean each and every day. We provide a Quality Control Program for all of our clients, and are available 24/7 365 to meet your needs and provide the most reliable cleaning services in Vancouver. We are available for regular visits, preferring to take a pro-active approach to cleaning and janitorial services.

Ultimately, we are always here for you, ensuring you're facility is clean, so you can focus on running your business. Quality of cleaning increases over time Track progress, identify problem areas and make corrections Measurable Results We inspect so you won't have to Our Quality Control Manager is a dedicated member of our management team that performs evaluations and unscheduled visits designed specifically for your facility. These building evaluations are shared with our management team and janitorial staff as a training tool, as we analyze the results and discuss ways to further improve our cleaning and janitorial services. This system provides a measurable way for facility cleaning managers to analyze the level of cleaning, allowing continuous improvement for your facility and our services, facilitating a painless, long term working relationship.

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