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We are a commercial janitorial service that specializes in office cleaning services Vancouver. A clean office environment is essential for success, and we’re here to help you.

Dirty office environments will neither promote productivity, nor will your clients leave with a very good impression. Atmosphere is important for increasing the efficiency of your employees and helps creates the right impression on potential clients. Professional office cleaning can help take your business to the next level, we do the cleaning so that you don’t have to.

We use environmentally friendly products and maintain your work space so that your employees and clients are able to perform to their full potential. In house office cleaning never really works out the way one had planned, and we know the dishes are usually left in the lunch room sink each night, and no one likes to wake up to that each morning. Whatever the scenario may be, you can confidently hire us for all of your office cleaning needs and rest assured that we will get the job done quickly and efficiently, while also offering you the most competitive rates. With our flexible scheduling, you have the option to have cleaning done when its right for you, weather is be a daily, weekly or monthly.

These are some of the trusted brands we use. Listing all of them would be impossible because we will literally source any brand if we feel it is the best suited for your cleaning needs. Our knowledgeable team is an active participant in annual janitorial and cleaning conventions around the world. We stay on the cutting edge of our industry to guarantee you the most efficient and sanitary cleanings possible.

  • Atlas Graham Mops & Brooms

  • Avmor Cleaning Chemicals

  • Big D Odor Control Carpet Care

  • Continental Plastic Products

  • Clarke Floor Care

  • Deb Hand Cleaners

  • Dustbane Cleaning Equipment & Enviromentally Friendly Cleaning Chemicals

  • Eco II Garbage Bags

  • Esteam Cleaning Systems

  • Ettore Window Squeeges

  • Frost Metal Dispensers and Metal Containers

  • Gojo Hand Cleaners

  • Hospeco Feminine Hygiene

  • Johnson Diversey Windex & Sunlight

  • Kimberly Clark Paper Products

  • Life Guard Gloves, Toilet Seat Covers

  • Marino Buckets & Mops

  • Microtron Floor Pads

  • ProTeam, Dyson, Bissell Vacuum Cleaners

  • Rubbermaid Plastic Containers

  • S.C.A Paper Products

  • Sanitaire Green Cleaning

  • Scott White Swan Paper Products

  • Ultra Chem Cleaning Chemicals

  • 3 M Floor Pads & Antibacterial Micro fibre Cleaning Cloths

Scheduled Nightly Cleaning – We have services ranging from once a month to 365 days a year of scheduled cleaning. As you can see from the various industries we work in, we customize each clean to each specific client.

Floor Care Specialists – Our references can tell you that we are one of the top in the industry when it comes to floor care. We do VCT Buff/Burnish as well as Strip & Wax, Stone & Marble Care, Wood Floor Cleaning/Refinishing/Restoration, Concrete Polishing, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Machine Scrubbing & Auto Scrubbing. As cutting edge as technology gets though, we still understand the perfect mixture of cleaning product and elbow grease in order to get the job done. Let us show you just how good your floors can look when taken care of by floor care professionals.

Window Cleaning – Streak free every time. We are one of the few to include inside window cleaning for all our jobs. We do outside windows up to 6 stories high. Professional, licensed and insured specialists will take care of all your window needs.

Pressure Washing – Our top of the line pressure washing service includes, but is not limited to, the following areas…Complete Exterior Building Cleaning, Drive-thru Lanes, Oil Stain Removal, Concrete Cleaning/Restoration, Gum Removal, Sidewalks, Sign Cleanup, Store Fronts, Dumpster Areas, Parking Lots, Roof Cleaning, and Spring/Fall Clean Up.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning – We provide hood cleaning for the following: Exhaust Fans, Filters, Grease Trough, All Connecting Duct Work, Plenum (behind filters) as well as Polishing Hoods.

High Level Dusting – BTS Building Maintenance’s team of trusted professionals use everything from ladders and extension poles to boom lifts and scissor lifts to clean and remove dust from Vents/Air Returns/Duct Work/I Beams at all heights.

Carpet Steaming/Shampooing/Restoration – We can handle everything from minor spills to routine cleanings and from restoration projects to proactive layering. We are masters at both dry (host & encapsulation) and wet (extraction) methods when cleaning and restoring carpets.

Lighting Maintenance – Not only can we keep your facility shining but we can also keep it bright. Our skilled team can fix any lighting outages. On top of this we also offer complete refitting with today’s most energy efficient lighting technologies. Let us show you how much money you could be saving.

Deficiency Reporting – Nobody has an up-close and personal relationship with a facility quite like a cleaner. Our skilled team is trained to spot and report any deficiencies or potential problems we notice during our cleans. The earlier you can spot things like mold, rust, water damage or cracking, the less expensive and more effective the restoration will be. If we can fix it then we would be more than happy to or else we can refer you to the correct people to talk to. By knowing what to look for, we can be your eyes in order to save you money.

Upholstery Cleaning – Revive the appearance and extend the lifespan of your fittings, hangings, curtains, cushions and covers with professional upholstery cleaning services. Our technicians apply spot treatment, followed by steam extraction, to remove dirt, stains and odors from your upholstered items.

Uniformed Cleaners – We offer round the clock service for any cleaning needs. This includes professional looking uniformed cleaners. We’ll not only tailor the clean to your facility but we’ll also tailor the uniform. A clean place involves having a clean look and this involves a uniform appropriate for your facility. As professional as our uniform is, there is no single uniform that fits every scenario just like there is no single tool or program for work

Green Cleaning – Many companies will say they are green because they got a good deal on no name “green” cleaning product. BTS Building Maintenance will employ green technologies to save you money. That is the difference. Their green cleaning might help them sleep better at night but our green cleaning will let you sleep better at night. Rest assured, knowing that we are the top in the industry for proper waste removal, composting, energy saving and chemical-free cleaning as well as being green equipment technicians who are the leaders in assisting buildings in their goals for LEED certification. Our references will tell you how we have increased sustainability and saved them money. That’s not just green cleaning, that’s green thinking.

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