Bts Building Maintenance

Bar and nightclub cleaning

To attract a high end clientele your establishment has to look the part. By maintaining high cleaning and maintenance standards, your patrons will not only return on a regular basis, but will also spread the word on what in vogue club you have.

Our cleaning standards will allow you to easily conform to business license code. During our free estimate, we perform a walk through of the entire area with you and create an itemized cleaning and maintenance task list, this becomes the basis for our agreement with you.

Commonly asked for and included cleaning and maintenance tasks for night clubs are:

  • Floor Waxing

  • Washrooms including Refilling Products

  • Garbage Removal

  • Recycling Removal

  • Kitchen and Bar Facility Cleaning

Hire Bar and nightclub cleaning Experts

Call us today for a complimentary service quote! We are happy to discuss your service cleaning needs and help you figure out a plan that fits your budget too.